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Our Water Blog
CPR for Rivers - the Need for Regulations to Conserve, Protect, and Restore Environmental Flows in BC
Blog post from West Coast Environmental Law on why BC needs enforceable regulation to protect water for fish
Critical Time for BC's New Water Law
Media release from POLIS on new report, Awash With Opportunity
Water in BC: Three Ways to Fix Outdated Law
Province's water is owned by the public, yet that public has no real voice in water governance.
Should industry frack with our water?
Hydraulic fracturing – which uses and pollutes a whole lot of water – should certainly be a major discussion point within the public consultations on a new Act
Flowing forward with the Water Sustainability Act
British Columbia has the opportunity become a national leader in the assessment and implementation of environmental flows
Now is the time: Speak up for BC’s water
WWF urges you to make sure government knows strong environmental flow protections should be the overriding priority for the new Act
Water Sustainability Act and Groundwater
About one out of every four British Columbians relies on wells for drinking water. What could change for you under the proposed WSA?
Water for fish and the Water Sustainability Act
Imagine a lake, stream or river that you love. Or perhaps rely upon for your drinking water or livelihood. That’s what the current government consultations on a new Water Sustainability Act are about...
Will BC’s proposed Water Sustainability Act really be sustainable?
The proposal is out, find all the links here
BC Moves Ahead with new Water Sustainability Act
WWF welcomes the latest step to revise BC’s main water law, as the Ministry of the Environment releases the detailed policy proposals.
British Columbians need to know about Site C
Andrea Morison of Peace Valley Environment Association (PVEA) writes about how the proposed "Site C" dam would negatively impact the river, fertile farmland and boreal forest, at a high cost to British Columbians.
Shale gas decisions in Quebec raise questions about B.C.’s approach
The Quebec government has agreed to a pause on hydraulic fracturing for shale gas, or "fracking", due to significant gaps in understanding about the impacts. Should BC also proceed with caution?
COMPARISON: Proposed Water Sustainability Act v. ENGO Statement of Expectations AND Living Water Smart
A breakdown of the proposed Water Sustainability Act
Fish out of water: Time for stronger rules to protect environmental flows
One hot day last year, an inspector from the BC Ministry of the Environment faced a tough choice – whether to cut off a rancher’s water.
Visionary laws protecting our water
Sometimes, a few words on a piece of paper can dramatically boost nature protection.
Comment needed: new Water Sustainability Act
The Ministry of Environment is inviting public comment on the policy proposal on British Columbia’s Water Sustainability Act. This new water act is meant to modernize the century-old Water Act, a necessary policy move to steward water wisely for future generations.
BC’s water to be sold to the highest bidder?
Is the BC government really considering privatizing water rights? The new Water Sustainability Act proposal takes a step in the wrong direction.
Water under the bridge: developments in 2010
Ebbs and flows in water developments in BC for the year just ended
What’s hot and what’s not in BC’s Water Sustainability Act
Hot off the press – the Province has unveiled a new “policy proposal” for a Water Sustainability Act. This is the start of the next phase of public consultations on how to update BC’s century-old Water Act. What's good, what's bad?
Live life health people animals rivers
Today WWF-Canada, with support from the Vancouver Foundation, released a poll that asks British Columbians what they think about fresh water. It reveals some pretty interesting stuff. But my favourite by far is the word cloud.
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CPR for Rivers - the Need for Regulations to Conserve, Protect, and Restore Environmental Flows in BC (blog post, West Coast Environmental Law)

Environmental Sector Expectations for Environmental Flows Regulation (WCEL)

Awash with Opportunity: Ensuring the Sustainability of British Columbia's New Water Law - POLIS Project